How to access the voicemail service


  • from your phone, dial *97 and enter your mailbox password.

  • from another extension on your PABX, dial *98 and enter your extension number and mailbox password.

  • from another phone, dial our voicemail access number and enter your customer number, mailbox and password

    09 950 7670 for Server 02 & 06 customers
    09 973 5825 for Server 12 customers
    09 4765497 for Server 19 customers


  • from a PC:

  • Log in to Extension Call Monitor

  • Login: your extension

  • Password: your extension

  • Customer number: your customer number

How to set up voicemail messages

  • Access the voicemail service
  • Select “0”. You will be prompted to record the various messages

How to set up voicemail for mobile telephone

Divert calls on your mobile phone to our voicemail number which is +6499507670. To do this you can enter the following codes on your mobile phone:

  • Divert to voicemail if busy: *67*+6499507670#
  • Divert to voicemail if unavailable: *61*+6499507670#
  • Divert to voicemail if unreachable: *62*+6499507670#

Note: for Telecom XT users please refer to the Telecom website for how to set up call forwarding.

In order to activate this service, please contact support with the following details:

  • Your mobile telephone number
  • Your customer number
  • Your mailbox number